About Us

Hi, we are Margherita & Serafina!

We are sisters and we were born and grew up on the Amalfi Coast.
We share a lot of passions like food, travels & lifestyle.

We studied tourism and we work as travel advisors and travel/tour planners around Italy.

We traveled a lot around the globe. We love seeing new places, to meet new people and to know about different cultures.
But until now we never found a place like our home: The Amalfi Coast.

We are passionate, totally in love with every corner of this little paradise on Earth and as locals we would like you to fall in love like us of our home.
We will try to make this happen sharing all the immense beauty of this area, tips to have a trip of a lifetime discovering off the beaten path places, secret spots and so much more.

Lapland, February 2020.

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